Tutoring Description for Resume

Although, adding tutoring job description for resume may be tricky, but you can make yourself sound like an entrepreneur because teaching freelance is a big lucrative business instead of making it sound like a desperate attempt to make your ends meet. The description should be concise, strong, and should build-up for the rest of the document.

A resume is the most important document in your practical life that makes or breaks your reputation. Though creating the right CV is a complicated job, it should be achieved to land the job of your dreams. Just as a professional writer knows how to incorporate tutoring job description for resume in an effective manner making it look like your additional skill, an inexperienced one will either skip the details or incorporate in ineffectual one.

Although it has been advised to seek professional help while creating the most significant documents of your career, you can still compose an A grade resume yourself by following these tips on how to create a perfect CV:

How to describe tutoring on the resume?

Your CV is a tricky thing, and often, job adverts may fool you to incorporate every single detail of experience you ever had. However, do not fall into the trap straight away. The first tip is to decide which information is relevant to the post you are applying for and where you should incorporate that.

Remember, your curriculum vitae is your personal and professional glimpse so your potential employer can take a peek and make a decision. Showcase your CV with the most relevant experiences, skills, and qualifications in a compelling manner.

So apart from all the other relevant experiences, you should include your tutoring knowledge in such a manner that it adds to your existing skill sets. Tutoring is an amazing and flexible working option that teaches you a lot about several different things, but most people still find it hard as it not only gives you in-depth knowledge of a specific subject but also trains you for multi-tasking so there are multiple ways you could mention that in your CV.

Here are some tips for writing your description while creating a tutoring job description for resume:

Tutoring resume description

Show your organizational and strategic skills along with your problem solving or crises management abilities because they are part and parcel of teaching experience, and it also gives you a chance of how to describe tutoring on resume.

Here are some of the things you should specifically mention in your description:

  • Make your CV look credible by adding concrete details like the number of hours you tutored, number of essays checked, number of private sessions, amount of people, and other relevant facts that will highlight your skill
  • Create a CV without using ‘I’ or ‘me,’ instead focus on the verb
  • Avoid long sentences that could confuse your potential employer and try to keep your resume within two pages
  • Do mention diverse scenarios you came across to highlight your wide range of skills. Also, mention international students, online sessions, or any other such details, and that is how to describe tutoring on resume

Sample tutoring resume

So far, this article has emphasized upon a few things that are essential components of a noteworthy tutoring resume and how to describe tutoring on resume. Below is one such example that contains all vital elements to catch employer’s eye:


boast about your tutoring experience as mentioned earlier 

Algebra Tutor                                     FionaBeach High School

April 2015 – present

  • Create challenging practice worksheets for Algebra students (both I & II)
  • Create quizzes helping students get better raising their grades by 15% (on average)
  • Provide special one-on-one sessions to deserving pupils

Math Tutor                            FionaBeach Community Center

July 2016 – present

  • Tutor high school students on general math, all concepts of algebra, arithmetic, geometry, calculus, and precalculus
  • Member of homework program especially designed to provide after-school help to students who attend Community Center
  • Organize and provide sessions in small group and one-to-one basis


Camp Counselor                                  Happy Day Camp, Smithville, IL

Summer 2016 – Summer 2017

  • Supervised and arranged daily activities for children between ages 10-12
  • Planned and supervised both educational and physical activities enhancing a diverse learning
  • Hosted “Magic Math Gene” variety show with mathematical tricks for campers both years

Additional tip: breaking up your experience in two sections will enhance your diverse knowledge and abilities portraying you both as a leader and a teacher with great new ideas for your tutoring job description resume.